History & Background

commitment to educational excellence.

Founded in 2009, World Children's Academy has a rich history of commitment to educational excellence. Our institution was established by visionary founders who recognized the importance of early education in shaping the future. Over the years, we have evolved into a center of excellence, making a significant impact on the community. Our milestones reflect our dedication to providing innovative and child-centered education.

Mission & Philosophy

comprehensive development of each child

At World Children's Academy, our mission is to offer early education that fosters the comprehensive development of each child. Grounded in our belief that early childhood is a critical period for lifelong learning, our educational philosophy celebrates the uniqueness of every child. We emphasize hands-on and experiential learning, promoting curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking.

Our Core Values

safe, inclusive and stimulating environment

Our core values include creating a safe, inclusive, and stimulating environment, nurturing a love for learning, and instilling values of diversity and compassion. We are dedicated to empowering each child to reach their full potential, preparing them not only for academic success but also to become compassionate and responsible citizens.

Our community

Our families come from nearby neighborhoods, fostering a close-knit environment and strong parent partnerships. Whether you're close to home or near the office, our center is conveniently located for busy working families and easy to access for pick-up, drop-off, or visits.

We utilize fun and engaging strategies to facilitate the development of early learning skills in children, including phonics, literacy, handwriting, and everyday math.


Faculty & Staff

Our success is attributable to our dedicated faculty and staff who are deeply committed to the well-being and educational growth of our students. With their wealth of experience and passion for teaching, they cultivate a dynamic learning environment. Together, we inspire, educate, and guide our students toward a brighter future.

not just Educators

At World Children's Academy, we are more than just educators; we are mentors, guiding each child on a journey of discovery, curiosity, and joy. Join us in creating a foundation for lifelong success and nurturing compassionate, responsible citizens of the world.

Health & Safety

Your child's safety and health are our top priorities. Our centers adhere to strict guidelines for cleanliness and security, and we take pride in being a model for health and wellness in childcare facilities.

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